November 2013:

I've been working on a new website so that's why I haven't bothered trying to fix TT. The new site will have most of TT's content, remastered-remixed-redone-reuploaded, plus new stuff. Until then, just add .php to the end of any URL in the content section and you will be able to see the page without proper CSS styling.

I visited my friend Patrick Meyer in Chicago to follow up on Wekkend 2! Tom Boyden did an awesome job putting the edit together! THANKS EVERYONE! I HAD A FUCKIN' BLAST!

September 2013:

I got a new webhost and will be moving servers soon so let's see if that fixes the problems with the website.

And my friend Patrick Meyer visited last month and we did a sequel to our 2007 Wekkend sampler! Thanks for editing this dude! Yeahhhhh!