Homebrew Powerdrive

Author: Juji

Published: Fall 2006

About Powerdrive:

I'm a Biotest whore, I've found good results with the products I have purchased from them. While many products they develop are selling beyond my budget or use, I've no doubt the quality is top notch.

My favorite Biotest product is powerdrive. The first dose got me hooked. I realized this could be a valuable tool in any athlete's supplement program. Tricksters would benefit the most from a product like this. Why? Powerdrive is a kick-ass nootropic, a brain boost. It makes you alert, it gives your brain the raw chemicals it needs to make your body move. Tricking isn't about out-lasting an opponent or feeling the burn, it's about ridiculous focus and animalistic intensity with crystal clear precision; It's about making it through a maze of combination without error: All this in a moment lasting seconds at most. Some of the most valuable things we as tricksters can supplement our training with are nootropics, brain boosters.

You can read about powerdrive on the T-nation website yourself. This will give you an idea what our goals are with this homebrew.

Why home brew powerdrive?

Now, I've been through about a dozen canisters of powerdrive since I got hooked. I had toyed with the idea of making a home brew alternative, but at $17 for thirty-one servings, let's just say I didn't feel the price was that bad at all. Power drive is actually priced very fairly.

Enter tomorrow: I found my budget to be waning in size. Last time I made a powerdrive purchase was in spring; I bought four canisters which lasted about half a year. Not having the cash this time around to cough up for more (and I like buying everything in bulk when possible), I decided to see if I could make my money go further by making my own powerdrive. So I rolled up my sleeves, erhh... Kidding. I wasn't wearing a shirt then and am not now as I type this sentence // Well I grabbed an empty powerdrive container, then launched firefox for a round of Search and sum.

Introducing the home brew recipe:

This is a rather easy supplement to break down, but before I do, I'm going to go ahead and show you the final result through pictorial comparison of INGREDIENTS:

Comparison picture of Powerdrive and the homebrew

Now I was going to go ahead and give you the price comparison but it is complicated. Obviously the price is highly variable depending on whether you bulk buy some of the comprised ingredients, what country you are buying from, what website you are buying from, and your combined shipping costs. So the amount saved will vary. I will, however, show you what I got away with at the end of this write up one ingredient at a time. First, here is the powerdrive label for reference:

Picture of the Powerdrive label

Ok, please read this whole paragraph I'm about to type and don't skip ahead. I'm going to explain the label and how our home brew will end up providing identical results. We only need four key ingredients to recreate the powerdrive experience: Vitamin B6, L-tyrosine, a source of Phosphatidylcholine (Lecithin), and DMAE Bitartrate. That's all we're going to need for this to work. The 1.5 grams of fat is coming from the lecithin (the calories coming from said fat). Other ingredients listed as: Citric acid, natural flavors, beta carotene for color, sugar, and sucralose. We don't need any of the other ingredients for this to work. Powerdrive only comes in one flavor, that's orange. Notice citric acid (as in citrus) as a preservative and for taste, beta carotene (something orange), and some sweeteners. All the other ingredients seem to merely give powerdrive palatability and its orangeness. Now, you could toss in a Vitamin C tablet in the event that these orange ingredients are providing some added synergism to the stack by providing vitamin C not listed on the Powerdrive label; That's up to you to experiment with. I'd toss in 100 - 250 mg Vitamin C if I were to do this. Okay, one level scoop of powerdrive yields 7.5 grams. 3 grams of L-Tyrosine + 1 gram of Phosphatidylcholine + 200 mg of DMAE bitartrate = 4.2 grams. Uh Oh! Where are the rest those grams deriving? The other ingredients of course, almost half our serving is a waste for taste. So, being one to skimp on frivolity such as taste and preservatives, I'm only looking to get the individual ingredients I need for the nootropic benefit and combine them. I've already mentioned them, let me go ahead and list them again:

Buy these ingredients:

That's it. That's all you have to do to make your own powerdrive. You buy all these ingredients, you stack them all together on a relatively empty stomach a little bit before training and voila, the powerdrive experience without having to go directly through Biotest.

Price and dose comparison of individual ingredients:

Final note:

A container of powerdrive providing thirty one servings, costs about $17 dollars; $0.55 per serving. This homebrew stack comparatively costs $0.38 a serving. I saved 30%; That's good! Now, I could have saved more if I bought L-tyrosine in a greater quantity and bought a cheaper form of Lecithin; But I wanted only the finest ingredients. 30% may not impress you but 1) People not living in North America might have better access to buying the comprising ingredients of the home brew from a domestic website than ordering from Biotest. As far as I'm aware powerdrive is only available through Biotest. 2) It's still over 30% savings! And 3) Isn't a homebrew stack sexier?

Oh yeah, you have probably been wondering the whole article, Well did you try your homebrew? Did it even work? How did it compare? I'll answer your question first with a question Why would I write this article if it didn't work? OF COURSE IT WORKS! It works just like powerdrive does. You become more focused, you can concentrate better, your mood increases; Your brain works better. Plus, I've been able to tweak the dosage of each individual ingredient in my own stack to see if I could get a better effect without burning excess funds in the process of simply taking more powerdrive.

How to use powerdrive or the home brew most effectively:

Well you can read the supplement directions (listed in an image supplied above). But there is a little secret. Taking powerdrive or the home brew stack after your training can help you recover faster from training. Yeah, from tricking especially! Ever get done training and your head feels empty, maybe you have a slight head ache or you just feel like... uhh... your head is sleepy and tired. Just give this a shot after training and note the effects. That feeling of your brain being refueled is exactly just that, your brain being refueled, the neurotransmitters being replenished. That's good. Haha! Also, something I discovered: This stack works synergistically with caffeine. I like to cycle my caffeine intake, but I've noticed combining the two creates an awesome effect. My personal iddqd: The true ECA stack (25mg ephedrine, 200mg caffeine, 81mg aspirin) plus powerdrive. Think a can of redbull or monster gets you jacked? You're such a noob! :)

If you would like to read more about nootropics, check out the wikipedia entry. Look in that entry for more information on the ingredients in this stack and how they work together.