Jujitoine kitchen tricks

Authors: Juji and Antoine

Published: Summer 2005

Kitchen tricks!

Aside from the kick, flip, and twist tricks: Antoine and I have decided to put together a small write up on kitchen tricks. We tossed this together in a couple afternoons, because let's face it, we didn't feel like eating that much whey (at least I didn't, I think Antoine breathes that shit). Anyway, let em roll!

Oatmeal supremacy

Omelet + Whey = Wheymelet

Return of the blender!

Master the blender

Adapted from the old Meal replacement-replacement article : Take these tips from a master blends man (Juji) : I work at a sports bar that makes these things and I've gotten a few tricks down on how to make the shakes perfect. Ummm... Take no note of the previous slide of me stabbing the shake with a steak knife. Okay here are the tips... Tip: This one is simple - keep the lid on when you first start blending. Remove it after the initial spin. Tip: Always add less liquid (In this case milk) than you need / you can always add more later. Tip: When blending, blend the wet ingredients together first all together. Tip: Add the dry ingredients (The powder) gradually or else you'll have a lot of it stick to the side. Also start at the lowest speed and continue increasing the blender's speed gradually instead of starting it at the top. Tip: Use the on / off ice crushing action to blend. This means hit on, off, on, off repetitively every few seconds. This gets it sucking down the dry ingredients and releasing air pockets. Tip: Wash your blender immediately after you are done - or you'll face hell.

Tuna tricks

Hot salad

Knox Gelatin


This concludes our first volume of kitchen tricks. I feel that this installment covers the basics and provides for more lateral thinking during meal preparation. Hopefully the ideas here pop the light bulb above your head and please you! Have fun.