The Tricking Kit - #1

Author: Jujimufu

Published: August 8th, 2004

Apart from your camera, tripod, and portable cooler filled with refreshments - what else would prove beneficial during a tricking session out in the elements? I have it down for you - let's discuss!

After thoughts:

Many of these suggestions are made for warm/hot weather tricking. During winter there are no insects, tanning rub is unnecessary as most people naturally pale during winter, and allergies are usually at an ultimate low. If you are winter tricking the only necessary additions not included in this kit are 'hot hands' body warmers. Everything else that is involved with winter tricking usually is worn rather than stowed in a kit and thrown in the back of your car - or used to plow snow out of the way. I hope the details addressed in this article have amused you and can possibly help improve the quality of your tricking sessions.