Do it for you, do it yourself

Author: Jujimufu

Published: Fall 2003

I've written this because I've realized how little voice some have in what they do in their day to day lives. They eat what is given to them and they do what they are allowed or expected to do. It's taken so far sometimes that some parents strongly dislike or forbid their youths to trick! Sounds absurd, it is, but I've heard stories of it and I'm going to explain how you can gain more say-so in your lives as you strive to change into tricksters and athletes alike!

A change :

There are many things you might want to change in your daily life to get you in a better condition. They might include: Your diet, training schedule, and sleeping habits. Naturally there are many questions you've got to ask yourself :

Some other questions might include :

So overall, the most important question: Is my relationship with my parents hindering my progress?

Let's start with tricking and go from there!

Let's say that you're completely fresh, fresh meaning you've never tricked before and have never really been physically active. How do your parents react with your strange new obsession? They see you falling flat on your back over and over again in the backyard. They might ask you to stop, tell you to stop, or laugh at you. If you've been blessed with more understanding parents (or less noticing parents) they might leave you alone or actually take interest. So let's say you're cursed with parents that don't support this new interest. Why not share some videos with them? Go retrieve some of our videos and other tricking videos around the net and share them. They might understand what you are trying to do at least from then on. Get them involved! Hell, occasionally I'm tricking alone in my backyard and want some feedback from them; So I go get my mom or dad from the house and explain to them what I'm trying to do: "I'm trying an aerial twist! How many freaking times do I have to explain to you that my body is supposed to be vertical, is it or is it not?! PAY ATTENTION THIS TIME DAMMIT!" Haha, okay so maybe it doesn't go like that; But if you give them something to notice then they might be more interested. The easiest way to familiarize them with your new hobby is to get a friend involved. They might think more of it if you're practicing with a friend.

Okay now they've adjusted and are aware of your new habit. Why not request some support from them? Do you want to learn some martial arts to accompany your tricks or learn some flips? Go grab your phone book and check to see if there are any local gymnastic centers or martial arts academies. If you are dependent on your parents for transportation then talk to them about joining. If the location of this training center is far away don't expect enthusiasm or cooperation. If you have a car and a job then all this won't be necessary, just do it yourself.

Tricking with a friend

Now let's move onto your diet.

You might not be interested in changing your diet now, but if you want to lose fat and train at a greater level then let's discuss. We'll start with what you drink. Do you drink a lot of high sugar, commercial beverages? Sobe, Pepsi? Do you know this cost money? The shit's expensive. Your parents could be spending that money on other stuff instead. Break the fucking habit. One solution. Water. It's free. Go read my channel on water. Water, The magic potion.

Now let's touch a much broader topic. FOOD!

Can you cook? Look bud, if your parents are cooking everything for you, you're pathetic! I prepare all my meals except dinner (If we are eating dinner together), sometimes I do cook for the family. Trust me, your parents will be enthusiastic about you learning to cook yourself anyway. Learn to cook stuff like breakfast, pasta, and meat. The grill is your best friend mate. I love the fucking grill. If there are any girls reading this then you should already be able to cook! Bake me some lasagna dammit!

Do you buy some of the food in your house? This is a special case. I buy some of the food in my house. I eat obscene amounts of cottage cheese for my sleep stack and brown rice. I also eat a lot of fruit. My parents get sick of keeping this stuff in stock so I buy it myself. Note: My parents refuse to pay for my supplements so I have always bought that stuff myself. If you can drive go buy it yourself. If you cannot then just toss some money at your parents and request them to pick some stuff up next time they buy groceries. Which leads us to the next question...

Deck Cleaner!

Do you have a say in what your parents buy when they grocery shop? Trying to lose weight? An example : Parents buy 2% milk? Request skim milk! They might not like this idea, they might not like the idea of you requesting all this weird food that they have never bought before. There is an easy way to convince them to buy and keep this stuff in stock. Tell them the truth, tell them why you want it. You want to get in better shape right? You want to eat healthier? They should respect this decision, they will. Just don't whine or be a fucking baby about it. Just explain to them plain and simple why you want or need this stuff. Staples in my diet for example include: Eggs, plain oatmeal, cottage cheese, brown rice, pasta, tuna, olive oil, and chicken.

Do you eat whatever your parents prepare for you regardless of what it is? Just because your parents cook it doesn't mean you gotta eat it. My parents cook meals all the time that won't benefit or meet my diet balance. Good examples of meals of this description are spinach lasagna and thirteen bean soup. My dad likes these two recipes because they are cheap as hell and quick to make. Instead of complaining to him about the lack of macro nutrient balance in these meals I take it upon myself to fix it myself. I mean, just a bunch of beans isn't much of a meal in my opinion. So I eat a small bowl of the stuff, then I'll be done eating with them. I'll take a serving of whey and a piece of fruit and call it a meal. It's nice of them to cook regardless, so always be appreciative when your parents do. What about fast food? Some parents literally eat fast food every night for dinner. You've got two choices -

Don't eat it, cook something yourself.


You probably know where your parents frequent. Study up on the nutrition facts of these fast food places and find something healthy. It might have to come in combination with something in your house.

Where the hell is the rest of that grilled chicken?

How often do you eat and when? Look, if you train hard you've got to eat a lot. Some of us can eat an infinite amount of food no matter what it is and be cool with it. Others don't train as hard as us though and need to lose some weight. So we'll cover the basics. You should strive to eat six small meals a day. At the time of writing this article my eating schedule currently looks something like this:

What?! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CLASSIC 3 MEALS A DAY? 6 MEALS?! THAT'S A LOT OF FOOD! Calm down chief; The classic 3 square meals a day plan is for farmers, fat people, and prisoners. Instead of eating 3 big meals a day eat 6 smaller meals. You want to keep your metabolism constant through out the day. When your body always has a little food to play with it burns energy more efficiently and keeps you from feeling like a gut bomb just layeth the smack downeth on your digestion system. This also helps burn fat and preserve muscle if these meals are balanced. The layout for this has an easy pattern, be eating something every 2 1/2 to 3 hours! The biggest problem with this schedule is it will interfere with your parent's eating schedule. I've got an interesting scenario:

After I finish working out I spend 45 minutes slowly drinking my post workout shake to keep insulin levels high. The problem is I'm sometimes drinking that shake right before, or during my parent's dinner. They can get frustrated with me when I'm eating right before dinner hahaha! I listen to my body, I don't follow anybody else's schedule. Nobody else knows what my body needs and how I feel, so nobody is going to make that decision but me. I just tell them to save me some of it and I'll eat some of it later.

Diet discussion conclusion:

You're not the only one who adjusts when you start changing your diet, your parents do too. Don't whine or bitch to them about what you need to be eating and what they shouldn't be eating, instead just come clean with them. Tell them straight up what you are doing and why. You want them to buy different foods at the grocery store, so be nice and say the magic word: PLEASE. It can help them a lot if you buy some of the stuff yourself too. Learn to cook yourself and don't be afraid to mix and match family meals with other foods. Your parents will learn to respect your decision in time.

Nutritional and sport supplements:

Plain and simple, when I started taking a lot of the supplements I continue to take today I caught a lot of heat from my parents. I guess it started with whey, then went onto small stuff like assorted vitamins. Eventually I started to spend A LOT of my money on lab quality supplements and other strange shit. That's when they started to worry hahaha, they thought I was starting steroids. Mmmm.. Needles - Oops! I mean! :)

Simply put, if you want to start taking supplements they might worry about what you are taking. Just explain to them what it does and how it works. Don't be a moron and tell them A lot of other people take it, so I thought I'd try it too! You owe it to yourself to look into it yourself. I haven't bought any of my supplements without first researching how they could help me and how they work (Well except the liver tablets, that was just a joke). This is all optional and you might never feel the need to supplement your diet, but if you plan on trying your hand at some research it, ask questions, and know what the stuff you're taking does! If you do, your parents will feel more comfortable with you taking this stuff.

A small discussion on sleeping habits.

Man, you're a teenager now! You no longer have a bed time! You can stay up as late as you want, you're so cool because everybody who stays up late is cool! You can chat on AIM until 3 AM about useless garbage because you're a piece of shit. Now go be a jackass and make a lot of noise so other people in your house can't sleep!

Seriously, sleep is very important. Try to get 8+ hours every night. That bed time needs to be reinforced, you're going to be the one to reinforce it. Why can't you sacrifice a couple hours out of your night to go to bed earlier? You'll feel better and you won't miss anything. If you haven't yet go read my article Sleep for success.

So do it yourself!

That's it! I hope you got something out of reading this article. Remember, don't whine and be a baby. Grow up and do it for you, do it yourself!