The tricking spellbook!

Author: Jujimufu

Published: August 5th, 2004

What I will be explaining to you is the tricking spellbook. A means of compiling spells (Eh, tricks) for your acromancy (Dahh, tricking). Believe it or not this is actually a fundamental means of improving the quality of your tricking sessions - especially during those phases when you are learning new tricks or training in groups: Possibly tricking games? Anyhow - I'll cover the basics for you.

A tricking spellbook is an ordinary notebook with as many tricks listed as possible. You want to compile whole tricks, variations, combinations, and additionally noting advice can further increase the worth of this tool. Using this to keep up with combinations is where the worth really shines. There are countless possible combinations, remembering all of them is impossible. This is a follow up on the reminding yourself to succeed article - this spellbook is an equivalent of a final reminder.

I'll cut to the chase and skip to the checklist for creating content in this book.

Moreover, the content alone is not what makes the book invincible. The tricking spellbook must be given character.