Aerial tutorial

Entry data:

Class: Aerial
Alternate names: Au sem mao
Description: A jumping cartwheel without planting the hands.


Prerequisites: Cartwheels and one handed cartwheels
Equivalent variations: Tucked aerials, various grabs
Advanced variations: Swing aerials (Such as axe2aerial), Reverse aerial, Aerial twist, Brandy and aerial switch

Assisted learning:

Alright let's get this over with. Aerial tutorial! Let's start it with a bang. Here is a video of the move to break the ice; Now, go outside and try it. I'm serious, go give it a shot. Success? If no, let's discuss a possible route for progression.

Prerequisites: Cartwheel and friends

Let's make this short and sweet: Pick a line and stay on it, stay on this line dammit! Kick and point your first foot up a bit, setting it and your weight forward. First hand plants with fingers pointing forward. Second hand comes over the top, with it's shoulder bumping against the adjacent ear. When both hands are planted the fingers face each other, hands about shoulder width apart. Your lead leg lifts straight behind you and turns to finish with it's foot facing the direction you came on the same line.

NOTES: REACH OUT with your hands. Everything goes FORWARD in a straight line, cut the side2side shit. In fact, it is like entering a handstand with the second arm coming over the side of the head: Giving you the okay to quarter turn and wheel through.

Got it? Good. Now go practice this now. Go practice this a lot. The next step is to practice the cartwheel planting only one hand. Then the next step after that is to plant only the second hand. When training the one hand variations, be sure to apply proper AERIAL technique in the non-planting support hand. What does this mean? This means don't simply keep one support hand from touching the ground, instead use it as you would in an aerial!

For planting only the first hand: THROW the second hand over the top or whip and pull with the lat.

For planting only the second hand: PULL the non-planting first hand up and behind you for lift.

Okay, now we're getting somewhere! Finally, you need to learn to jump into it. Don't just laze into it like the rolling donut you are, dig and punch the hell out of the ground, getting a giant force up with the first foot while simultaneously creating a giant lift with the other leg. Go try again! Try this stuff out and go try the aerial now. Don't just bumble out there and try half-hearted thinking that it won't work until you finish reading through this tutorial. Fuck it! Go give it your best shot.

Now, to your delight: The formal slide by slide tutorial.

Keep in mind:

Specific Problem Advice:

NOTE ON SIDE2SIDE AERIALS: The aerial I present here is future proof. Your side to side aerial will not transition well into more advanced variations like the axe2aerial, reverse aerial, etc. It will, however, likely transition well in between kicking or long chain tricking combos. The side2side takeoff IS still traveling forward in the same way the aerial presented here does, but it slings down by the side. Go ahead and give it a shot; And yes, I use it too in particular situations - but I don't think it's the wisest method in the learning or perfecting of aerials.

My experiences:

This move isn't hard. I learned it on accident one day. I had tried it before and failed, but then a few weeks later I was bored and got it on the third or fourth try. What helped me was absolutely FORCING myself not to put my hands down no matter what. First few times I crashed on my knee. Then I crashed having landed on the foot but not stable enough to support standing back up. Then I tried again and just landed it. The first time I landed, I did it another one hundred times to get it into my system. DAMN! My sides were soooo sore haha! So once I got it, I did tons of them so my body would get used to the motion. Anybody can do this move, even fat people.