Aerial switch tutorial

Entry data:

Class: Aerial
Alternate names: Sometimes called a sideswipe.
Description: An aerial that lands on the second leg instead of the leading leg.


Prerequisites: Aerial and brandy
Equivalent variations: Negative, none.
Advanced variations: Altered setups: Possibly a reverse take off or a swing through kicking take off.

Assisted learning:

Demon switch

This move is fucking BRILLIANT! It adds a whole level of diversity to aerial swing through combos. In fact, I think it makes the aerial swing through combos. Sure, you can axe2aerial all over the place, but the switch doubles the possibilities! This has been a personal favorite since I learned it, this move rocks!

Aerial to Aerial switch

Actually, I feel the transition is better from a brandy. It's better to go from brandy to aerial switch because these two moves are more similar than an aerial and an aerial switch. To set it clear, here are the execution differences between the aerial and the aerial switch:

That's really all there is to it! Just open the body up sooner and farther, and get that base jumping foot to finish through. Bah... Let's stay consistent and go through the slides.

Switching gears.

Switching gears again.

Things to look for:

When watching this move, look at these things INDIVIDUALLY - then piece them together.


So, this is very simple. With a setup like a straight aerial, we use a quicker turn over and a switch. Don't even bother with this trick if you can't do an aerial towards the front. If you are still working out the kinks in your b-kickish aerial, I doubt you'll have much of a chance of throwing this properly. This is totally easy, a natural progression of your aerial. In fact, having an axe2aerial or reverse aerial can help in addition to the aerial or brandy. All these moves are good for the others. Just continue to practice and evolve your aerial, this will come easily.

My experience:

Actually, when I began learning this move, it was hurting the ever-lovin-crap out of my landing foot. The switch leg wasn't coming all the way underneath me, it was coming short a tad and it was seriously hurting the talus of the foot. A lot of people complain of this problem actually. Well anyway, after giving it up for a bit my brandy began improving. When this happened my aerial switch began working out for the better. I was using a running takeoff at this time, I couldn't do it standing. Well, fast-forward March 2004 and one day I just began throwing standing ones. A week later I had it so well, I threw it with a swing gainer! These are in the Mablung sampler by the way. Now it's become one of my staple tricks.