Axe2aerial tutorial

Entry data:

Class: Aerial
Alternate names: Nah...
Description: An aerial executed from a front lifting axe kick.


Prerequisites: A straight line aerial or an aerial from a swift, forward takeoff.
Equivalent variations: Apart from the axe2webster, you can change the axekick into a different kick such as the following: Side kick, front kick, round kick, or crescent (outside or inside). Also, you can perform various grabs mid technique.
Advanced variations: More difficult swings, like a tornado kick swing through, a cheated 900 kick swing through, or a 360 crescent swing through as examples. Standard advanced variations include: Axe2brandy/aerialtwist/suicideswipe/etc which can all also have their initial kick manipulated.

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My experiences:

Actually, I had a good deal of trouble learning this fucker. It's totally easy now but I wasted a lot of time on it in the beginning before I got some solid advice. Logan helped me a lot on this move. He told me all about the reaching forward stuff and keeping your back straight etc. I love the guy, thanks a lot Logan! Anyway, after I started utilizing his advice I finally landed it. It took me awhile to get the move consistent but I did. My final advice is this: Don't get frustrated with it and don't waste your time. It's better to set good habits early with more concentrated attempts than to set bad habits with work of lesser quality. Don't get in the habit of putting your hands down and keep the things in mind I mentioned earlier.