Crescent single leg tutorial

Entry data:

Class: Doubleleg
Alternate names: Single leg or abbreviated (CSL).
Description: A doubleleg with the trailing leg tucked and the leading leg arching through the motion as a kick.


Prerequisites: 360 crescent and a doubleleg helps
Equivalent variations: 540 singleleg, doubleleg
Advanced variations: Crescent 540 single leg, crescent single leg gyro (CSLG), 540 single gyro, doubleleg gyro, double knife (540 single leg followed with a hook), Double crescent single leg (720 double initiated as a CSL)... Actually, this list can go on forever.

Assisted learning:

Who is Mr. CSL?

Today's lesson is a crescent single leg. Prerequisites include a doubleleg and a 360 crescent. Although this move is MUCH easier than a doubleleg, which is easy anyway, I do recommend having a doubleleg before learning it. The reasoning behind this is that learning this off the sole experience with 360 crescents most likely results in fugly single legs. Even worse, if you skipped the doubleleg while training this trick, you might have difficulty learning to lean back properly in the doubleleg after lazing through CSL's!

So you have the doubleleg and the 360 crescent?


Keep in mind:

Specific Problem Advice:

I really don't think this is necessary. Have both the 360 crescent and doubleleg. If you have both, I could not imagine why you couldn't do this...

My experiences:

Easy. I had this move shortly after I got the doubleleg. At first it was just a bad doubleleg with one leg tucked. Then as I kept at it, I found the move had some slight differences besides simply tucking one leg in. Just experiment with it and you'll have it. It's SUPER EASY.