Flash kick tutorial

Entry data:

Class: Flip kick
Alternate names: No.
Description: A backflip executed and landed with a leading kick.


Prerequisites: Backflip
Equivalent variations: A flash kick in tumbling sequence.
Advanced variations: Flash switch, flash twist (gyro), fulltwist flash (in tumbling sequence or standing), and the gainer flashes of all sorts!

Assisted learning:

The classic flip kick

I'm surprised this move isn't more common outside tricking circles. Okay... Maybe I'm not. I've spent some time around male and female cheerleaders, and some gymnasts too, you would expect most would take an interest in the skill, but nope. I guess it's mainly a tricking thing, all the more reason to learn it!

But anyway, the fact remains that any goober who thinks they're hot shit just cause they can toss a back flip should learn more interesting skills; Otherwise someone will show up one day and make em look real cheesy. The flash kick for one, is just natural evolution by expanding skill variation.

Misleading prerequisite

So, how exactly is a backflip a misleading prerequisite anyway? Well, it's because the flash kick is a practiced evolution of the backflip. Hmmm... This is difficult to describe. Let's see if this works:

If you are comfortable with a backflip, there is absolutely NO reason why you shouldn't be able to flashkick

No reason except for your own reluctance to try a few and land it. When I say comfortable, I mean a pseudo tucked backflip. You simply cannot physically grab for the tuck on the backflip. You have to be able to do it comfortably enough to simply jump up and prepare the tuck with the arms falling back - with no need to grab. This is what I describe as a comfortable backflip, it's the clarified prerequisite for the flash kick.

Flash of lightning / A flash of the blade!

One more discussion topic before we dig more into the walkthrough and tips. We're gonna talk about accuracy of technique, correct or incorrect. You've heard this, if not you will someday:

That's not right! You are NOT supposed to look back in any flip - EVER!

Ah... The prowess distinguished by anal technical proficiency. Motives characterized by egotistical elitism, which cripple the flow of creativity. Aye, anyway, you've heard it all before. Let's start over: We are talking about a flash kick, not a back tuck, what you've learned in gymnastics is great - but some things are best left in gymnastics at times. And anyway, a back tuck can still be cool with an open chest! A flash kick looks best with an open chest and arch - which goes against almost everything good in elite level tumbling. But we aren't turning into a ball and rolling - we are KICKING! So now you tell em to shove it - cause in a standing flash kick you can keep your head neutral or whip back like crazy; It doesn't matter. Whatever you like best, and whatever your goals are. If you are doing a board break, you might want to keep your eyes on target. If your goal is purely aesthetic arch, whip it! So keep an open mind and try it all.

Switching gears...

Okay, let's just recap for a second. Jump back, hips push out, get non kicking leg out of the way by bending it towards the outside while kicking. Yep.

Keep in mind:

I don't know where else to put it, but here's an oldschool tip I heard about when I was a novice. I can't remember who recommended it, but he mentioned trying to do a backflip and landing on only one leg. Instead of trying to flick the kick out, just keep landing backflips on one leg. As you get better, you should start landing it ahead of the other foot sooner and sooner, until you have spread and that one legged backflip turns into a flashkick. Hey, I never tried it this way - but give it a shot if you want to reduce the fatigue of your options!

Specific Problem Advice:

Well, what happens if you don't land this trick? You crash it of course! But I feel confident that this trick is simplistic enough as a variation of a backflip - that any advice given previously in this tutorial should suffice just fine. Just keep adjusting the timing of the move: The kick, pace of the tuck, etc / and try placing emphasis on singular segments of the move, one at a time until it smooths over. Just keep practicing!

My experiences:

Two weeks after I nailed my backflip I felt like trying some cooler stuff, so I just started throwing flash kicks, x-outs, gainers, and other crap. I got my flash the second day I was playing with it. TOTALLY easy move once you get comfortable with not physically tucking in the back flip. Have fun! ;)