Hyperswipe tutorial

Entry data:

Class: Twist
Alternate names: There are no more sandwiches... And no alternate names.
Description:1) A b-twist that inverts into a sideswipe. 2) An aerial twist switch kick. It ends up looking like an inverted hypertwist without a big dip take off common in the butterfly series of twists. THERE MUST BE A KICK AT THE END.


Prerequisites: Aerial twist and/or hyper twist
Equivalent variations: None
Advanced variations: Hyperswipe with a reverse takeoff or with a swing or kick initiation.

Assisted learning:

A hyperswipe is...

EASE: Hyperswipe, the most over rated trick ever. So damn easy, I'm surprised everybody isn't already doing it (soon they will). Don't be intimidated by this trick, too many people make it out to be an elite trick; It definitely is NOT!

A hyperswipe is...

FAMILIAR: It is not on a level of it's own, the hyperswipe has family members! It's related to an aerial and an aerial twist, it's related to the hypertwist and b-twist: It's not completely a foreign movement that has no prerequisitory relationships or history. In fact, I got this move on my first attempt. Ever! I had decided to myself:

Umm... I can hypertwist. Why don't I just change the takeoff a little bit and try to make the kick a bit more obvious.

So I did, I tried it, and the hyperswipes in Mablung in my backyard were a result of this simple decision. THIS IS SO EASY!

A hyperswipe is...

YOURS: The hyperswipe is yours if you can throw a decent hypertwist.

What about the aerial twist? Isn't that important?

I don't believe so. In fact, I had not thrown an aerial twist in... an entire year when I did my first hyperswipe. I'm serious. Sure, the aerial twist takes off forward and everything just like the hyperswipe - but the hyperswipe shares more in common with the hypertwist overall. We'll explain, here come the slides!

Tempo! Before reading on I have to mention what this trick is all about. It's about tempo, 100% tempo (timing) whatever! It's a well known fact that watching tricks executed in their full speed repeatedly is more beneficial than watching them in slow motion repeatedly. You must pick out pieces that make the technique in slow mo, but then you must be able to distinguish them in full motion. This move is hugely about timing, tempo, pace, whatever! My best recommendation is to watch this trick in it's full motion and remember the 'pace' or 'feel' that it gives you when executed by someone you are modeling. It seems to be a huge factor in hyperswipe success. I've lost this trick a couple times when I took off seasons (Some call them trick fasts) where CNS recovery was needed. I noticed landing wasn't savage and often times low. To remedy these losses, I would watch good executions I had previously done, and I would try to hold onto the pace in those executions. Next practice, I would gut wrench it out and try to feel my way through it in the quick and powered pace that mimics my good executions. Guess what, it worked. Just had to speed it up and grit it.

Things to try:

If you are an experienced trickster, then the best advice is simple little tips and hints to try. Here are some of those little things to try out!

Specific problem advice:

My experiences:

I got this move my first try. My first few hyperswipes are in the Mablung sampler, I was wearing green pants in my backyard. It really is a lot like a hypertwist. More like an aerial and a hypertwist hybrid. Good luck! Hope it's as easy for you as it is for me.