Hypertwist tutorial

Entry data:

Class: Twist
Alternate names: Nope
Description: A 360 butterfly twist executed and landed on the second leg (first lifting leg of butterfly twist).


Prerequisites: Butterfly twist
Equivalent variations: Hyperswipe
Advanced variations: Hyper hook, 720 butterfly twist

Assisted learning:

Hype up your butterfly twist!

We're going to start this tutorial with the small list of changes that need to be applied in order to successfully change your butterfly twist into a hyper twist. Most of these changes are evolutionary, not revolutionary: So even if you don't kick your leg out at the end for the landing, most of these tips will improve your butterfly twist itself! Excited? I sure am, let's pee all over the fresh toast!

A fine tuned takeoff

It can work the same as a butterfly twist, but more aggression will be needed during the application of force during the jump to complete the rotation.

More aggressive lift

The lifting leg has to be lifted harder than ever before. It's not a simple matter of pulling it up with more force either, it's a matter of pulling it with more force AND continuing to pull it throughout the entire move. Say for instance, in a butterfly twist you could get away by simply lifting that leg up with a quick - sharp force; Then getting lazy, turning over, and placing the outside leg down. That's all it took. NO! Not in a hypertwist. You want to apply that same quick and sharp force, but you want to pull it and maintain it's tension throughout the motion. Just pull it as if you'll never stop. Aggressive and unrelenting!

A more committed spin.

The upper body must drive farther through. It is entirely possible for the butterfly twist to drive the same as a hypertwist - what usually results is a violent, and usually pretty flail of the trailing leg. The arms open the same time the kick comes out, but making that point can be a problem for most novice b-twisters who are accustomed to prematurely unwrapping and lazing standard butterfly twists. So is there a trick to overcoming this? I got one... hehe... Go try a 720 butterfly twist!

WTF?! I can't even hypertwist why try a double twist?!

Because, for one thing, it's fun as hell when you're at the stage of coming nowhere close to landing it. Just spinning as much as you can will teach you A WHOOOOOLE LOT about committing to the spin. Commitment is key in a hypertwist, and even more so in actually landing a double twist. So, just trying to spin as much as possible will teach you spin commitment. In fact, when most people are ready to give this a shot, they overshoot the hypertwist and land on their side with two spins. If you can make it this far, what's stopping you from hypertwisting? All you had to do was shoot the leg out before you started on the second spin.

So are you ready? Just need to put more aggression into the jump, throw a stronger and longer lift, and stay committed to the spin. Let's go!

Your original lifting leg is bent? Is it supposed to be bent? By lifting it up as hard as we could, and knowing that the end result will be the opposite leg shooting out, yes it should work just fine. The reason that lifting leg doesn't come up bent during something like a double twist, is because a double twist initiates with the sole intent of getting all the way around for two spins. Thus, after stalling the jump it has to go further. A hypertwist on the other hand, throws the second leg out - it won't throw out right if it's already straight. Need an example? Can you do a side kick if your leg is already straight? No, it must chamber. If you want to do more than simply land on that leg, if you want to kick it out, you should chamber it.

Specific problem advice:

Hypertwist vs. Hyperswipe

What? Hahaha! No they are friends! They would not fight each other. Anyway, a lot of purist believe the hyperswipe is a hyper aerial twist landing on the opposite leg. It's not necessarily so: In fact, it's more like a hypertwist that inverts into a swipe at the end. You can go read the hyperswipe tutorial for more information on how the move works, but I suppose you can take my word if you want; In my own experience, being as a person who can do both moves, a hyperswipe feels a whole lot like a hypertwist. By changing the takeoff to resemble more of an aerial setup and lifting the first leg directly behind while simultaneously throwing the arms in front and back for the wrap, the hypertwist transforms into the hyperswipe.

WORD OF CAUTION: While the hypertwist can help the hyperswipe, it can also harm it. It doesn't work the other way around, a hyperswipe can never interfere with the hypertwist, but since the moves are so similar and a hyperswipe is more anal about proper inversion, you might want to avoid practicing both moves during the same session. It might not give you problems, but don't say I didn't warn you. Ideally, I like to work hard with both moves - but not during the same session.

My experiences:

Well, I found this move insanely easy for me. The reason I have been preaching to try the double twist, is because that is exactly how I got this move. The day I landed this move I was trying to simply spin as much as I could - just double twist crashing for fun out in the field. Well, after awhile I thought Damn, maybe I should try a hypertwist instead of landing on my ass over and over again. So I did, and the first one I tried I landed. It was no big deal at all.