Reverse aerial tutorial

Entry data:

Alternate names: Aeriola
Class: Aerial
Description: 1) An aerial executed from a swift, back stepping takeoff. 2) An aerial executed out of the common butterfly twist step back that precedes the dip.


Prerequisites: Aerial. Also, an Axe2aerial is helpful.
Equivalent variations: Various grabs
Advanced variations: Reverse aerial switch/twist/brandy, and a reverse suicide swipe.

Assisted learning:

An aerial, that's backwards!

Today I will be discussing a wonderful technique. It is an aerial with a backwards takeoff (swing through): Reverse aerial, many call it the Aeriola - whatever floats your boat. I strongly suggest you have an axe2aerial before expecting success with this move. If you can do an axe2aerial this move will come easy to you, if not then things could get a little rough. Why do I make this suggestion? Because both involve the same basic mechanics and moving backwards is a little more to bite than simply doing an aerial off one leg with a swing through kick. Is this move hard? No, it's stupid easy: If you can already do an axe2aerial that is.

Keep in mind:

Specific Problem Advice:

My experiences:

I first landed this move May 2002. I didn't get it consistent however for another few months. My main problem was controlling the backward momentum. It was just too much for me to handle. I couldn't quite get my leg anywhere around and I just kept slamming into the ground. Yet, just as for this move as the axe2aerial I received some very good advice. Logan pulled through for me and told me to do the same thing on this move as an axe2aerial. Sure enough it worked like a charm. What was the advice? Push forward, reach forward, travel forward, and keep your body high. I really don't think you'll have a problem with this if you heed the advice I've given throughout this tutorial and have a solid axe2aerial. Have fun, this move is killer cool.