X-out tutorial

Entry data:

Class: Flip kick
Alternate names: NOOOOOO!
Description: A backflip executed with a flaring split kick at the peak of the flip.


Prerequisites: Backflip
Equivalent variations: X-out flash (landing on one leg), can be performed in a tumbling sequence.
Advanced variations: X-out full, Gainer X-out

Assisted learning:

Why a tutorial for this move?

This move is incredibly easy once you have a backflip, there really shouldn't be a need for a tutorial but... I decided to waste my time writing it to boost my content quantity. Remember, it's not Quality over Quantity, it's Quality AND Quantity. Haha! I rule.

Well here is how this move works: You backflip, and instead of tucking you kick your legs out instead. End of tutorial. No really! That's it! Well, anyway, here are the details...

If we tuck, it destroys the look of the x-out. If we simply jump up and pseudo tuck like in a flashkick with our hands by our sides, they'll get in the way of the kick. What gives? To give this move a better look, we jump with our wrists crossed as a set for their explosive opening. The arms opening and the legs kicking out together provide for a great look. Can't we just leave them crossed inside between the legs? Yeah, if you like the look of fidgeting with your crouch in mid air. Trust me, don't leave them inside. Cross and pull out!

How an x-out feels:

Personally, I always thought the x-out was a let down. You'd expect a stretch feeling, or a split kicking feeling flippish type trick; You don't get what you would expect. Here's something I've grown to accept: The X-out doesn't satisfy those expectations. It's not meaty, it never feels like how it looks. A successful x-out feels like you just locked your legs out. There is no stretch feeling, the spread doesn't feel anything as it looks.

Keep in mind:

My experiences:

I really don't have much to say. I began trying this move almost as soon as I learned my backflip. Well, the first week I got my backflip my abdominals were so sore I couldn't sit or take a shit - but after that passed and I began to be more comfortable with the move, I went ahead and started tossing x-outs and flashes. Since my backflip at the time had MAAAAJOR back archage, I was utilizing a whip-from-the-beginning x-out. Later, as my backflip began going more UP and less BACK, I began stalling it some more. Soooo.. yes. There were no learning difficulties with this trick for me.