2P Weaponizing tactics

Author: Juji

Published: Spring 05

This is not a comprehensive or revolutionary write up on dieting, exercise, or health. I started the article under the name Adipose Annihilation,but later found that the article wasn't only good for fat loss. So I've changed the name to 2P Weaponizing tactics. I really just wanted to use the word Weaponizing, so the title barely makes sense. 2P = Performance and Physique. So if you want to translate the article title, its name refers to using small strategies for attacking physique and performance problems. I'm splitting up the tactics into categories: Diet, Exercise, and Extra.

Round about diet tips:

Ditch the monotony

If you eat the exact same meals at the exact same times everyday, you're doing yourself an injustice. There are some meals we just get used to that we eat everyday, that's okay - If they meet our dietary needs and goals. We are creatures of habit, but... Try to eat a lot of different things. Each day, I eat at least a dozen different types of fruits and vegetables; I eat a lot of different meats each day, and get my fats from a lot of different sources. My meals are colorful and full of life. Luxury? No, I eat a little of everything and the initial grocery purchase goes a long way. Ditch the day to day eating plan, follow principles - not a daily eating regime. Variety kicks ass. A lot of it.

Eat this, not that

We've all heard it before. Eat whole, untouched foods and limit processed foods. Yeah, but chances are you aren't following this advice. What are you eating for breakfast? Pop tarts and a muffin with a cup of orange juice? Are you even eating breakfast? You can't tell me you're actually eating that slop of shit they serve in the school cafeteria? Are you drinking glass after glass of chocolate milk, snacking on skittles? Let's fix this...

Protein: Eat stuff like chicken, canned fish (tuna or sockeye salmon packed in water), fresh fish (wild salmon, yellowfin tuna, etc), beef, whey protein, eggs, turkey, pork, horse meat. Whatever. You get the idea. Protein is good. HOLY SHIT! The eggplant and jellyfish whey protein shake! What about fatty meats vs. lean? Animal fat is great, just eat it later at night and with minimal carbohydrates. We'll talk more about food combinations later.

Carbohydrates: Fruits. Fruits kick ass. Eat a variety of them. Don't just eat apples and bananas like most people eat; Eat grapefruit, cantaloupe, watermelon, grapes, oranges, LEMONS (YEEEE-HAAAAW!), strawberries, oranges, blueberries, raspberries, pineapple, peaches. There are a lot out there, I left out plenty of them. Vegetables, eat them with meat or low carbohydrate meals. Stuff like eggplant (my favorite), onions, tomatoes, broccoli, green leafy stuff like spinach or a salad mix, bell peppers, celery, cauliflower, squash, yes! Produce kicks ass.

What, just fruits and vegetables!?

A box of lucky charms

Of course not. Brown rice and old fashioned oats are great grains; Sweet potatoes are a godsend and dry beans (not canned, cook them yourself) are good. Beans have a scary amount of fiber, and fiber rules. Haha. I think it's best to limit your intake of most other grains though. Limit wheat like breads and pasta when dieting for fat loss. If you eat bread, WHOLE GRAIN - as rough as you can get. It should hurt eating it. Don't eat enriched wheat crap. Just unprocessed grains, as rough as you can get.

Fats: Yes fats. Try to balance your diet so saturates, polyunsaturates, and monounsaturates all comprise 1/3 each of your total fat intake. What are those? They are the types of fats! Most foods have some of each type, but some are higher in one fat than others. Oh, and saturates aren't evil. Get the saturates from stuff like coconut oils and animal fats, easy. Good sources of polyunsaturates include flaxseed oil and milled flax, sunflower seeds, walnuts, and pine nuts. Sources higher in monounsaturates include macadamia nuts, pecans, almonds, olives and cold pressed extra virgin olive oils, pistachios, and cashews. Eggs seem to have nearly an equal amount of the three types, some foods are cool like that. Stay away from trans fats. It's hard to demonize one food as being completely bad, but trans fats are one. Trans fats are basically damaged fats - stuff like vegetable shortenings, snack foods, cooking spray, margarine, partially hydrogenated this, fully hydrogenated that. It's the phantom killer.

After listing out a bunch of foods for each macronutrient category, a fellow forum member had posted a link on the forums to a familiar website that listed some of the best foods to eat. GAH! I wasted all that time?! Well, no. But anyway, here is an excellent list for those awesome foods:

The world's healthiest foods list!

Drink this, not that

Drink only water, pre-during-or post workout shakes, and liquid meals, like blended shakes. Skip soda and other happy sugar drinks. Skip commercial juices, coffee, tea, etc. Neh, black coffee is probably okay, no sugar or cream. Milk? Bah. Cottage cheese kicks the crap out of milk; But milk can be okay if you aren't relying on it as a taste crutch. Read my Water, the magic potion article to learn more about water's benefits.

Eat balanced meals often

You skip breakfast and eat lunch, then eat dinner. All the while you're snacking on bullshit the rest of the day. Great. That sucks. Eat 6-8 smaller meals a day, every 2-4 hours you need some food coming in, and most of the time you need complete sources of protein at every meal. Keep that metabolism steady with frequent eatings - and protein slows gastric emptying (fat does too) so at least eat the protein at every meal to dwarf between meal hunger and keep your body from synthesizing it's own muscle for fuel. YIKES! Yes, oatmeal and beans have protein - but they are not complete. Add an egg or something to complete the amino acid spectrum.


Okay, that covers the basics. Eat good, healthy food often throughout the day and avoid most beverages except water and blended meals. Ditch your day to day diet plan and just go with the flow. It's time to introduce some dirty diet tricks.

P+C and P+F = The win

Poster with diet tips

This tip comes from John Berardi's website from his massive eating article series. Basically, you minimize eating fats with carbs. Now, from reading his article you could get the wrong idea like I did at first. After first glancing through his article I began to fear eating the two together, ever. I'm an idiot. NO! The idea is just not combining them together in huge quantities. So you end up eating dominant protein and carbohydrate meals, or dominant protein and fat meals throughout the day. I find the best way to apply this is using a temporal approach to nutrition, meaning you eat the bulk of your carbohydrates at the beginning of the day, minimizing them near the evening. Eat more of your fats at the end of the day, minimizing them at the beginning of the day. Eat proteins throughout the day. Also, try to eat your veggies at your fat/protein dominant meals. Some of the good stuff in veggies won't be usable unless eaten with fats. What does this do anyway? Well, it creates a better insulin sensitivity profile and it makes your body more efficient at burning fat and keeping muscle. Good stuff.

Food logging, see what's up

If you haven't, read my Food logging article. Keeping track of what you eat will make it easier to make adjustments later on when results or changes start happening. Knowing what works, having it on paper, is totally an awesome thing. Then again, not getting results and having it on paper - will give you great insight into what you could be doing different.

Use thermogenic fat burners for fat loss

Why? Because they can work if used correctly and/or sparingly. Just make sure you're using them in conjunction with a very active lifestyle; Like - exercise a lot and be a madman. If you are using them while sedentary, you will be wasting your money and screwing up your stimulant and insulin sensitivity. Excessive intake of caffeine or other stimulatory drugs results in tolerance. You need higher and higher doses to get a dismal result. After awhile, your body just doesn't respond the same to them anymore. So use them in cycles for fat loss, and use them sparingly for training sessions. If you have been regularly abusing caffeine by coffee, teas, geek candies, or sodas daily, you've already abused it and should skip the fat burners and eliminate those sources already present in your diet.

Cheat to win

Last, but not least for today's diet discussion is cheating. OH MY GOD! I JUST CHEATED ON MY DIET! Some people think cheating is necessary to maintain sanity on a strict diet. Other people, think cheating is for the weak un-HARDCORE lesser human beings who inhabit the earth. Actually, let's not oversimplify the whole thing. Back tracking here a moment, CHEATING - simply refers to breaking your set dietary rules by doing what you want. It might involve eating a disproportionately large meal or a meal that doesn't suit your needs but suits your palate. It could also involve not logging your food if you are on a food logging intensive diet. So... I encourage those who need to, to cheat! Why? Because it's good for the mind, and in the long run - helps you stay on track. Think of cheating like this. You train hard, and then you rest. You diet hard, and then you rest. Cheating can also be a reward after hard training and dieting. As your diet gets healthier and healthier, you actually need to cheat less - or in small, almost unnoticeable ways. Cheating for me usually involves over-eating the foods that fit in my diet that I actually like, like oatmeal or fruit. Oh, and for you people who NEVER cheat, you lie; You may not realize it, but somehow your body is pulling something in that doesn't suit your dietary needs. What about people needing to lose weight? You're in purgatory, you cannot cheat. You have been cheating everyday up until you started making healthy diet changes, it's evident by that sack of lard hanging from your midsection or ass. Skip the cheat meal unless you've earned it.

Exercise tips for great conditioning:

Fortunately, exercise is a lot simpler than diet for fat loss or conditioning. Sure, you can make it more complicated, but it's seriously an easy matter. Essentially, making fat burning more complicated by exercise often involves manipulating diet around exercise. We'll touch topic on some of that later. First up, what kind of exercise is best for fat loss and surprise results? Trick #1 coming right up!

Exercise variation is your ace

Slow cardio is best for fat loss right? No, no, wait. Interval training is a better idea since it has a greater impact on chronic metabolism increase. Hey! Swimming burns more calories than running? Does it? I haven't a clue! How about an answer we can all use: DO IT ALL! It's so damned simple, and this answer is preferable anyway. Instead of just jogging the same route three times a week to augment your fat loss or something equally uncreative and monotonous, CROSS TRAIN! CROSS TRAIN! CROSS TRAIN! Go find a track and run a few 400's as fast as you can. Jump rope nonstop like a madman for 15 minutes, then do it again. Tomorrow you can roller blade a few miles for about an hour. Do resistance training, lift that heavy weighted shit. Deadlifts and squats own! And of course - GO TRICKING! ALOT! Keep it fresh and interesting.

Do work for fat loss

Washing my car, cleaning my rooms, and helping my dad do garden work are some ways I keep active. Plus, doing these things can build up strength and toughness in areas you just won't get in the gym or in normal training situations. Yeah, when I was helping my dad prep the garden in my backyard it involved me pile driving dozens of posts, tying up cage wire, bending over and planting the veggie buddies, throwing and spreading mulch all over the place, etc. We did it during a hot afternoon and it wore me down to nothing. I remember bending over and crouching hundreds of times, my back felt like it was worked to failure in the gym doing nonstop deadlifts or hyper extensions; The only problem was I had to finish up the work, I couldn't just go work another exercise and call it a day, so it stomped the crap out of me. My dad kicked my ass that day, he'll out-work anyone any day. This is just an example scenario. Getting routine exercise isn't the ONLY way to get your exercise in. Get outside and do some work, or stay inside and do some work. You'll see for yourself.


Okay, we got the active lifestyle thing in check. Right? Exercise often, change it up ALL the time with cross training, and go do some real work to create the best fat loss scenario via exercise. Now we delve into some trickier exercise induced fat loss tips.

Fasted cardio

Here's a pretty controversial tip that if applied right, could increase fat mobilization for energy during aerobic activity and burn a lot of extra fat off you, fast. Basically, upon waking up you go do cardiovascular exercise before filling up on a huge breakfast. WHAT?! Wouldn't that be insanely catabolic? It could be insanely catabolic, or it could be mildly catabolic. It could also be beneficial for people who don't have much to lose to begin with. If you're a tuned athletic machine, you shouldn't be worried much about fat loss to begin with, so morning cardio for fat loss isn't something you need to use. What? You're coming off a bulk? Whatever. A more moderate approach may be a better idea / but fasted morning cardio could speed up the rate of fat loss for anyone. However, how about a trick from the sleeve? The fasted cardio cocktail:

Me flexing outside

So take the protein and caffeine together about half an hour to an hour before morning cardio, and slam about a liter of water right before heading out. Take some water with you too. NOTE: Likely you will drink water with your protein upon waking, you will be drinking water before beginning, and you will likely drink water during your cardio session. YOU WILL HAVE TO PEE. Usually when I was doing morning cardio to accelerate a bit of fat loss from winter bulking, my choice was roller blading down a greenway bike trail. Anyway, I usually just pissed a line on the blades after looking over my shoulder making sure nobody else was around - but this was a luxury. If you're at a gym, you can make a run for the bathroom (a few of them) easily. If you're at your house, again no problem. If you are running a neighborhood route, you better find a solution before heading out. NOTE #2: If you take the protein and caffeine, you need to give it time to hit your bloodstream. In the meantime, you can do some light dynamic stretching - clean your room or the house a bit - answer e-mails - homework - laundry - etc.

Juji, I'm still in school and it's hard for me to get up early for morning cardio. What should I do?

Personally, I'd skip it. Sleep is very, very valuable; If you must be at school early, it isn't wise getting up two hours earlier just to do cardio unless you get all the sleep you needed. There are plenty of fat loss options for you - don't cut out on sleep for fasted cardio. You could still do it on weekends, but just don't be sacrificing sleep for cardio: It's not worth it.

What type of cardio should I do? Burst intervals or consistent slow cardio?

I'm not even going to begin to argue in favor of one over the other. Do whatever you want. Hahaha.

Resistance training

Unless your goal is to go from tubby to skeleton (what if you already are a skeleton?!), you're gonna want to do some resistance training too. You won't have washboard abs, boulder shoulders, or a frightening pair of legs underneath that tub of lard unless you've been engaged in some resistance training. You could seriously be disappointed with your fat loss program when you realize underneath all that fat, there was nothing extraordinary. Putting the discussion on physique benefit aside, resistance training stimulates fat loss by increasing metabolism over a longer period of time than cardio: Meaning your metabolism is jacked like crazy for hours after resistance training, it's not so high post cardio. More muscle = more calorie burning during rest. These are just some reasons why weight trainers can stay very lean without doing aerobic exercise.

What about tricking? Will it harm my tricks?

Yes and no. If you resistance train so much that you are not allowing your body adequate rest for your tricking sessions, then yes, it could affect your tricks for the worse. If you put on too much size, you'll slow up too // BUT BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO AVOID WEIGHTS FOR THAT ONE REASON - REALIZE IT'S A SLOW AND DIFFICULT PROCESS OF ADDING EXCESS MUSCLE! And reaching the point of excess in terms of tricking performance takes a whooooole fuckload of time and focus on that one goal. You will NOT look like Antoine if you decide to lift weights three times a week, you will NOT look like Antoine if you take whey protein either. You WILL look like Antoine if you are lifting weights a dozen times a week and eating a ridiculously tough diet. Resistance training is good for tricking, and it won't interfere with it unless you are doing it more than tricking.

Extra physique and performance tricks:

These next few tricks (no pun intended... maybe) aren't absolutely cheap or dirty at all..

Brush your crap cravings away

Now, if you eat a good diet and follow a lot of the advice I've already laid down, most likely you won't crave junk food or sweets, and you won't really ever be hungry. But if you do, try this tip I thought up all by myself! Just brush your teeth. Really well. Like, spend over five minutes brushing. Then floss, then do the mouth wash thing. Okay, after all this effort - do you really want to pollute your oral orifice with food or drink? If it's still a bother, try eating ice cubes or picking your nose until it bleeds. That'll give you something to do.

Sun tan

Nobody wants to see your pasty white ass or milk soft - water retaining skin. Reach out for the light! In fact, whenever I get dark for summer I usually end up losing a couple pounds of excess water weight. Tanning kicks ass. One word of warning though - START OUT SLOW. Start very slow. Burning yourself is where the real damage is done. Gradual build up to a different color is much safer.

Look at yourself a lot

Mirrors are great! The more disgusted with yourself you are the more motivated you should become. If you see yourself all the time, you might be more self conscious and make better health decisions. Watch yourself in the mirror as you stuff your face with chocolate candy or a pastry. Start doing poses and crap in the mirror: Oooooh, look at those abs! Posing is good for you! Yep! Keep your head in the right place, which should be right up your own ass.

Change your food preparation and eating habits

Instead of eating a bunch of food in the kitchen then getting out, make a meal. Make it colorful, pretty - nearly gourmet. The time taken to prepare it will make you enjoy it more. When eating, chew your food really good so your jaw gets super tired. HEH! No, it makes you take your time eating so digestion is both smoother and your brain gets to tell you Enough, stop eating before it becomes too late and you feel like you ate a blimp. Oh, but if you sit and make a smaller portion already set out, you won't over eat anyway. Score! Also, use good etiquette; It can make you eat more carefully - enhancing the meal's tiring factor.


Did you know that sleep is crucial for... anything related to your physique and physical performance? If you aren't getting enough, you'll be short changing your results big time! Go read my sleep for power article for more information!

Conclusion and resources:

I understand some people are extremely anal about the validity of nutritional advice, me being one of them. Everytime it seems I go looking for something, contradictions begin compounding until I sometimes just say "Fuck it". To simplify it up as much as possible, for a better functioning and looking physique you have to work hard and eat right. What I presented in this article is a culmination of the things I have used personally, not necessarily for fat loss, but for health and performance; And to some degree, aren't they one and the same? I hope these tips help present a change for a better standard of living.

As for the resources, it's been touted that when a nutritional book hits the shelves after publication, it's already out-dated. I find the most valuable resources are online publications that cite recent publications of scientific lab and field studies. The studies are even more valuable, but getting them is expensive and understanding them takes several reads and sometimes some extracurricular education. Here is a linking to some places, articles, and names that I found important when writing and applying this knowledge for my own use...

That's it. Sorry the article was all over the place. I started it as a fat loss article, so that's why it skips around physical performance and fat loss topics. I figured there would be no harm in releasing it, even though it sometimes seems to lack a goal or any sense of consistency. 2P WEAPONIZERS UNITE!