About tricking:

Tricking is an aesthetic blend of flips, twists, and kicks.

About tricksters:

Tricksters are a group of psychopaths who fantasize incessantly about jump-spin-kick-flipping in dream fields to their favorite music. They attend to these fantasies with melodramatic zeal. Tricksters have cult like tendencies, and will never tire of generating far-fetched analogies that relate the world around them to their obsession with tricking.

About me:

Hi. I'm Jujimufu. I'm a 26 year old trickster, 5"11 tall and around 200 pounds (91 kg). I've been tricking since summer 2000 and I'm self taught. I launched this website May 22nd, 2002. I just want to entertain, encourage, and help people with tricking and training. And make some friends too! I will continue to trick and update this website into the foreseeable future: It is my destiny.

How to start tricking:

I'm sure you've been scouring youtube and watching lots of cool videos of tricking. Have you gone out and tried anything yourself? That's your first step! I've also written some things to help you get started from scratch. Start by reading these two pages:


Try me at my youtube page. Please keep your messages brief.