360 kick tutorial

Entry data:

Alternate names: 360 crescent/hook/wheel; Jump spin crescent/hook/wheel; 360 outside kick.
Class: Kick
Description: An outside spin kick with a jump. One rotation.


Prerequisites: Any standing spin outside kick.
Equivalent variations: Landing on non-kicking leg/feet together/or kicking leg.
Advanced variations: 360 gyro, feilong kick, 720 kick, double leg, crescent single leg

Assisted learning:

An insanely important prerequisite

The 360 kick. With my fingers on this keyboard motionless for countless seconds, I've turned over in my mind the magnitude of this move's importance as a prerequisite. As far as kicking is concerned, I would assume most people would feel the 540 inside kick is the most essential foundational trick. Unilateral set-up kicks all lead back to the 540, and unilateral set-up kicks dominate. Bilateral set-up kicks all lead back to the 360 kick. However, doubleleg variations (double leg, double leg hook, CSL, double leg twist/gyro, etc) actually lead back to the 360 kick as well. I suppose I can comfortably say that the 360 kick rivals the 540 kick's importance as a foundational trick. You need this move, you need to get it as soon as possible! The 360 kick is an insanely important prerequisite!

What this move is about

There are six moves I refer to as foundational basics. They include the 540 kick, 360 kick, double leg, butterfly twist, aerial, and the backflip. Most foundational tricks (minus possibly the butterfly twist) are more about conditioning than navigating through a maze of confusing technical conditions. Of the six, this move is the simplest technically. Moreover, this trick does not possess any quality that evokes fear. Finally, it would require the least amount of conditioning of the six basics, with the exception of the aerial which requires almost zero physical effort or preparation outside of a little flexibility. So, this trick isn't scary or difficult technically or physically! In fact, some people don't refer to it as a true trick. When asked what my first trick was, I am quick to say the 540 kick! However, if the 360 kick were more accepted as a trick, I would be wrong in that statement; I was able to 360 kick when I was taking Taekwondo classes long before I even knew what tricking was, let alone a 540 kick! Thus, you have little standing in your way here.

How I learned this move

Without wasting too many words: I got some dynamic flexibility, learned to crescent kick, learned to spin crescent kick, then learned to jump spin crescent kick after becoming physically active for the first time in my life around thirteen years of age. A jump spin crescent is just a different way of saying 360 kick btw. 360 crescent, 360 hook, 360 wheel, jump spin crescent, jump spin hook, jump outside kick, etc etc etc.

If you are starting from scratch

First: You will go here and read the entire section of my flexibility tutorial on dynamic flexibility. This will teach you how to condition your dynamic flexibility. Next: You will begin developing your dynamic flexibility with the stretches and kicks prescribed in said write up. Also: You will begin to jump more. If you have never been active in your life and you really are starting from scratch, start jumping around and get stronger! Go outside and crash some tricks for fun. Finally: You're gonna get this trick.

Note: I apologize to all those people who are way beyond the need for this kind of advice, but since this truly is such a novice move there are some appropriate opportunities to spoon feed helpless individuals while writing this tutorial. This saves me from having to read an e-mail or ten that makes me want to slam my head through my monitor.

Keep in mind:

Specific Problem Advice:

Jujimufu, I get lost in mid air! Help me! - How the fuck do you get lost on a jump kick that only really has a 180 degree spin? Die loser.

I'm having trouble getting my kick across my target and creating that nice, complete kick aesthetic? What can I do? - Most of the time the problem is in the setup or a lack of power. If you can't jump worth a crap, you're simply gonna have trouble because you won't have the necessary airtime for completion. That's pretty obvious. If you're entering the trick too much forward (and not from the side as I recommend as the most efficient means biomechanically) you might get caught in the jump. The quarter setup (like in the pictorial walk through) has the disadvantage of not allowing an optimal release of the kicking limb. My advice for the latter is to simply get stronger and faster. My advice for the former, is to play with the setup and do not settle for any single entrance until you have sampled enough set ups to determine their inherited differences and how your body reacts to them.

I'm getting dizzzzzzy!!!! - Stop looking around the room jackass. Keep your eyes on your target.

I'm having trouble keeping my body up in the air. I tend to crouch down at the shoulders when tossing the kick and it looks kind of crunched. How can I fix this? - This is mostly do to a lack of flexibility. You are trying to get the kick to cover an amplitude you aren't capable of, so your body compensates by rounding at the shoulders and crunching forward. Increase your flexibility, consciously make an effort to keep your posture ace, and keep practicing.


In conclusion, this skill really just needs practice to evolve. Practice it, get stronger and faster. Get flexible. This will have carryover to your tricking as a whole. Just practice!

My experiences:

I already covered this earlier in this tutorial.