540 crescent tutorial

Entry data:

Alternate names: 540 wheel, 540 hook, Cheat 720 (wheel, hook, or crescent)
Class: Kick
Description: A five hundred and forty degree spin with an outside kick.


Prerequisites: 360 crescent or hook and a 720 jump spin.
Equivalent variations: Wheel/hook and crescent differ in the angle the kick finishes when coming across. The crescent is a circular arch and the hook or wheel take a horizontal slicing path.
Advanced variations: Executing the trick and landing on the kicking leg, cheat 900 kick, 540 feilong crescent/hook/wheel.

Assisted learning:

Why cheated?

This kick is similar to a 720 hook or crescent, but the take off is cheated. How is it cheated you ask? Well, take a look at any normal 720 kick and you'll notice that the technique utilizes a double foot takeoff. In the 540 crescent, one leg jumps and the other pumps around. It might sound odd that taking off on only one leg would be cheating, but look at the move and maybe it'll be more clear. This move can become ridiculously effortless overtime and is absolutely wonderful when included in kicking combinations. As my turkey friend states, it's a soul trick. The take off for this move is very similar to a 540 take off. I feel that having the 540 before working on this move helped me greatly in getting it down good.

Building up to this move

I never found much trouble building up to this move, I just found it required some small fragmented pieces and a little playing around. In an ideal scenario, I would have the 540 kick, a 360 crescent, and a 720 spin; Moreover, I would put a little practice into the whole 720 with both feet taking off. Play around with it until a kick starts coming out, then make that kick fly out!

When looking at mine:

This is specific to my particular 540 crescent, but when viewing the video - find the stall. Watch how my body gets up, stalls, then just sharply turns around and kicks again. You'll find I face the front throughout most of the move. Here are some other things to analyze:

Keep in mind:

Specific Problem Advice:

My experiences:

I got this move when I was just screwing around, much like I got most of my other tricks. I remember at one point I couldn't do this move at all. A few months down the road I had started dabbling in it and found it wasn't really that hard at all. After I learned to control my pumping a bit more the next step to improving the kick was getting more height and getting the kick ALL the way across, as mine was getting cut short. So, after more practice, it became easier and better. I contribute the ease of learning this move to my solid 540 experience and the fact syrup is absent from my diet. Both kicks benefit one another so learn them both if you want to be cool.