Tornado kick tutorial

Entry data:

Alternate names: 360 round/front; Jump spin round/front; Jump inside kick; 360 inside kick.
Class: Kick
Description: An inside spin kick preceded by a jump. One rotation.


Prerequisites: Any standing inside kick.
Equivalent variations: Doing the trick with different kicks.
Advanced variations: 540 kick.

Assisted learning:


I don't know! It really is an unnecessary use of my time; This is such an easy skill, I would not even consider it a true trick. Thus I am covering a prerequisite skill for the 540 kick, which should be your first real kicking trick. The tornado kick builds a foundation for the 540 kick, but you'll never stop using it as a trickster. There are times you would want to use a tornado kick in a chain combo where a 540 kick just wouldn't fit. When you begin exploring miss legs, flagella, and swing throughs, you will find the tornado kick itself lends many possibilities for those more difficult endeavors. As you advance you could train to keep these special chain combinations involving tornado kicks pure by replacing it with a cheat 900 kick (theoretically); But let's be realistic, that can end up being insanely difficult and I'm yet to see someone completely surpass the Tornado kick's application in this respect. I think I've gone beyond the scope of explaining why I'm writing this tutorial.

How to really train the tornado kick into a 540.

I'll be blunt: My tornado kick would not look like it does if I had not learned my 540 kick! When you get the 540, it replaces the Tornado as kick trick number one. I don't practice tornados, just the 540 kick. The better it is, the better my tornado kick. So personally, I would not focus all your time on this skill with the hope that one day you'll accidentally land the 540 kick out of it. I'm sure I'll get some disagreements from people who have probably actually attained their 540 kick this way, but I still digress and do not recommend this ultra-conservative approach.

I would suggest focusing primarily on using this skill as a conditioning tool and supplementing it with actual 540 practice (Read: 540 kick crashing out in the back yard!) A more descriptive recommendation: Get stronger, faster, and more flexible. Work on gaining a higher level of proficiency in your tornado kick. Actually attempt 540 kicks by doing your tornado kicks but FORCE yourself to land on the kicking leg. This should result in some crashing, painful or not it doesn't matter; You need to teach your body that if it doesn't land on that kicking leg it fails. Failure hurts, so you would want to condition more to give your body a better chance and commit more to your 540 attempts. So use these three methods collectively to better round out your tricking foundation.

Tornado kick mechanics

Now that you understand why I'm writing this tutorial, why this move is useful even for advanced tricksters, and what approach to take when training this move would best build you up as a trickster, let's get equipped with some actual knowledge of the mechanics of the skill. First you need to be able to kick, specifically: An inside crescent! After that, simply begin doing jump inside crescents. Then just add a slight spin.

Some random mouth washing


Ughh... Some random final thoughts

I'll just spit this out (it burrrrns my gums!); Some variations you can do for this move are using a front, inside crescent, or round for the kick. You can also manipulate it into a split front kick or a simple split kick. You can even do a tornado side kick with this setup. Explore. Next, I also recommend reading the 540 kick tutorial to supplement this tutorial. Much of what is explained in that tutorial can, and should be applied here. Now, go practice.

My experiences:

Well. I got this move my first few tries when I was a pudgy, yellow belt, fourteen year old kid in Taekwondo class. Six months later I crashed 540s until I landed that. Then, the rest is in the deck.