Tricking related links

In this link section I've listed other excellent tricking resources from the deck of cards. I have taken the time to detail my opinion on each of them, this way you will know what to expect when you click the accompanying image link.

Martial Arts Tricks link image

Martial Arts Tricks

Billy Bilang, the name is synonymous with Martial arts tricking, and for a good reason. He has had an enormous influence on the development of the sport by being the first to introduce tricking to an online environment. Martial Arts Tricks has been online since February 15th 2000, which derived from the original West Coast Action Team web pages. The site features an old school message forum and a humongous gallery of pictures filled with many shots of tricking's top athletes (unfortunately, it also contains a lot of crap); However, the greatest characteristic of this website is it's sampler footage. Billy Bilang frequents popular tricking camps and sport martial arts tournaments, some of the best samplers ever created have been through his appearances at these events. Shame on you if you've never visited Billy's magnificent creation!

Club 540 link image

Club 540

This is Sean Cannon's Extreme tricking online community, which spreads internationally throughout over one hundred countries. This site is an ever changing project which does a fantastic job of providing several services to it's visitors. Sean is ridiculously generous; He offers the service of uploading profile information and tricking videos free of charge. His website also caters to those with greater demands by offering increased download and upload limits for a small fee. In many ways, this can be viewed as the phone book of tricking. Finally, Club540 has forever changed the online tricking world in one big way for the better. It allows people to share their videos to receive advice and feedback, and just as importantly, it forces tricking braggarts to shut up and prove what they are worth with more than words.

Tricking World link image

Tricking World

This is Justin Cataldo's project. Justin is a personal friend of mine and I'm proud of the work he's doing to further his tricking experience and support the community! His website serves as a portal for the online tricking community. It's a home for popular videos including samplers, examplers and gatherings; It also functions to link to other tricking websites and forums, while also providing links to information sources useful to tricksters. Don't miss it, go check it out now!

Break dancing link image

As far as I'm aware, this is the largest break dancing website on the internet. It contains a ton of information and tutorials. Breakdancing power moves(Ground tricks) can be incorporated very well with acrobatic tricks. Wow, incredibly cool: They are even selling a tutorial DVD for a great price!

Urban free flow link image

Urban free flow

Some people prefer scaling structures, like street lamps and buildings. These people may also like jumping from these places. Sometimes they die! Seriously: Urban Free flow is a kick ass website with a lot of quality information on the sport of parkour. If you're up for some risky behavior, like jumping off the roof of your school, and want to live to tell about it: Learn parkour, visit this website.